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In 2015, Pope Francis called on us via “Laudato Si” to take action to safeguard our common home. It invites us to rethink our way of consuming and to find more environmentally friendly alternatives.

At Bel-Art, we are concerned by this problem and we try with small gestures to reduce our ecological footprint.

For several years, we have been looking for an alternative to plastic novena candles. The consumption of single-use plastic is a major problem. Did you know that the production of plastic has been multiplied by 20 since the 1960s?

We are very proud to announce that from March 2021, we are able to offer a novena candle in glass.

The novena candle in glass is the first item in the "Eco Line" range of Ecclesia, trademark registered by Bel-Art.

Visually, it is quite similar to the plastic version.

The glass novena candle is made from 100% vegetable oil, which allows a slow and homogeneous combustion. It also significantly reduces smoke development compared to a paraffin-based candle.

The glass novena candle burns for 9 days. Like the plastic version, it can’t be extinguished during the entire combustion process.

How is this candle more ecological?

- the pot is made of glass

- The plastic cap has been replaced with paper

There is therefore no more plastic at all and the glass is recycled to produce other glass objects.

How can I recycle the glass?

You can drop the glasses in a recycling park near your home, just like you do with your glass bottles.

It is also possible to bring us empty glasses, these will be recycled and you will receive in exchange a voucher worth 0.10 EUR per glass. Please note that we are not giving money back, but a voucher that you can use in our store.

Discover the "Eco Line" range here